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This website is a testimonial to an enlightened lifestyle of health and vitality through diet, activity, and education.  American society is largely under the impression that declining health is a natural course of aging, and by extension, so is surgery and medication.  What people don’t realize is the body will repair and optimize itself naturally as long as it has what it needs — and it’s almost never medication and surgery!

This website chronicles my first-hand experiences, observations, and discoveries that led me to a healthy life.  Follow my blog to learn how to live smarter than the food and pharmaceutical industries — live the Veggie Pie life!

All Diets are Red Herrings

Seems like everyone is on the hunt for the magic diet, but there's no such thing. You can obtain a healthy weight naturally without special tricks!


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Pantry Basics

As I was digging around in my pantry this morning, looking beyond the canned pumpkin and beans for some boxed diced tomatoes, I remembered the types of things that used to be in there when

Me?? Pre-Diabetic?

The first thing my doctor’s nurse said to me when she called to give me the results of my yearlies was “Your cholesterol is up again to 202, so I’ve called in a prescription for

Meat: Why the All-or-None Approach Doesn’t Cut It for Me

Keeping meat out of my diet is certainly a pillar of a healthy living, but that doesn't mean one bite will hurt me. I still like a good burger! With meat, all-or-none really isn't necessary.

Pumpkin Kale Beet Smoothie

I love to make smoothies, but I don’t randomly throw things into the blender.  I learned the hard way that it usually won’t deliver the texture and nutrition I’m after, so I do plan ahead. 

So You Want to Be a Runner…

Running.  It’s what I do, and I totally love it.  But I didn’t always run, in fact I didn’t even start until I was 50 years old.  Yes, 50!   I had been living

Exercise Is Not Enough

We’ve all seen that trim healthy-looking person and thought enviously “I bet (s)he can eat anything (s)he wants”. Right? Well, not if (s)he wants to remain healthy. What?? Given what we’ve been told by this

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Hidden Research

Brilliant people are finding answers and compelling evidence

The Internet is chock-full of bogus information that is readily believable, but how can you be sure that what you read is reliable? Here, I'll share not only my own findings and opinions, but also the research to back it up.