Who am I?

I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a university professor of research and statistics. I’m not a physician or a medical expert, but I have learned a lot about food and medicine through my own research and first-hand observations. I eat healthy, run about twenty miles every week, take no medications, and have no medical conditions — I’m in my fifties and I’ve never been healthier!

  • Live to be 100 and feel great doing it!
  • You’re not too old (nor too late) to be an athlete!
  • Reverse heart disease, diabetes, and cancer without medication or surgery!

What’s this website all about?

For the greater part of my adult life, I wasn’t healthy even though I felt “normal.” I didn’t take care of the one and only body God gave me, and deep down, I wasn’t happy (although, I didn’t realize it at the time). It wasn’t until I approached my fifties that I realized I wouldn’t live very long, and for however long that might be, it wouldn’t be well-lived. My bloodline was fraught with diabetes, and I was doomed to be next in line. I decided that didn’t have to be my fate — I had control over my own well-being.

As a university professor, research is one of my best skills. As a matter of natural habit, I think critically and question everything, especially if it doesn’t make sense. During the course of learning how to eat healthier and avoid diabetes and heart disease, I began to uncover truths about the food and pharmaceutical industries. The more I learned, the more astounded I became at how mislead we have all been about food and health.

After several years of learning, observing, and improving my own health, I decided to start this website. I know how difficult it can be to separate truth from fiction (and get the whole truth!), so it is my goal to share the best information I’ve been able to compile so that it may be more readily accessible to people who aren’t skilled researchers.

Disease, medication, and surgery are not a normal course of aging!

You can avoid heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and any other disease without any dieting tricks. And you know what else? You're not too old to be an athlete! Live to be 100 and feel great doing it!
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